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Wide variety of printing applications
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Whether you are looking to have flexibility in printing your own labels on demand, using some automated dispensers, or want to work on increasing the efficiency of your facility through the labels themselves, we can help you find a solution

Complete solution for a wide variety of printing applications with maximum quality standards

SQUIX series bring a selection of unique features
built to survive high demand environments

They have been developed with a constant focus on easy and intuitive operation as well as high reliability. A powerful processor results in print jobs performed quickly and labels provided straight away.

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Profesional Services.

For more than 20 years, we provide best-of-breed knowledge, expertise and solutions to help our customers for their needs to successfully perform print labeling for a variety of fields productions and industries.


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Technical support

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Label printers

Label printers

We offer different types of Termal Transfer Printers for printing labels and textiles, desktop, industrial or portable, PC-based or standalone, with TWO-COLOR or TWO-SIDE print.

label printers

Print and apply

Choose different applicators for achieving automated print and apply processes in production. Different applicators allow the label to be applied via roll-on, blow-on or tamp-on to a product or packaging.

printer suppliers

Ribbons and labels

According to the choice of printing material we offer a wide range of wax, wax / resin and resin, textile resin thermal transfer ribbons, black or colored, white, silver or gold, which will provide a variety of flexible options to meet any required application. We also offer…


Label Software

We offer technical support for the softwares from our trusted distributors for taking all the control and monitoring the printing for all marking systems.

Technical support

We ensure that the integrated equipment operates at the highest technological level and you have constantly and visible results in your business growth.

We are a reputable and professional company.

We are constantly trying to share our knowledge and expertise, therefore we are offering our support since the very beginning of your projects. Involve us within the first phase of your new challenge and together we will find the most suitable marking solution for your needs.

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Our core values

We care about the printing quality at the highest technological level and its standards.

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right solution

  • maintaining support since the beginning 
of the process
  • assistance from the beginning to the 
end of the process
  • assistance in the automation process

We operate at the 
highest performance

  • we are professional & trustful,
  • easy to handle interaction between 
the user and printer
  • reliably and affordable solution for printing


  • user friendly equipment / easy to install and use
  • simplify operations for the employers
  • equipment integration

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We are authorised and official reseller for sales and service in Macedonia

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