Printers & UHF RFID read-write

Low-budget printers

For desktop applications.
Reliable 4“ desktop printers in proven technology. MACH1 with control buttons and LED display, MACH2 with colored LCD display and navigator pad.

With highest operating comfort
EOS2, the compact one, for label roll diameters up to 152 mm. EOS5 for large label rolls with diameters up to 203 mm. Mobile version available.

For industrial applications
MACH 4S offers all the features of a high class industrial printer with a wide application range. Labels and ribbons can be inserted from the front. The print mechanism and housing are made of premium materials and are perfectly harmonized in their form and functio

Industrial printers with a left-aligned material guide

Thermal direct printers with left-aligned material guidance
The label printers for thermal direct printing as basic device providing a tear-off plate or Peel-off device providing a rewinder internally.

Flexible printers for industrial applications
The professional SQUIX label printers fit with a wide range of industrial applications. They have been developed with focus on easy and convenient operation and high reliability.

The applicators combined with a SQUIX is a cost-effective solution for all dispensing printers in semi-automatic operation or when vertically integrated in a production line.

Industrial printers with centered material positioning

Particularly for very small labels and slim continuous materials
For printing on all materials that are wound on rolls or reels resp. fanfold. Especially for very small labels and slim continuous materials such as pressed tubes. Available also as Peel-off version SQUIX 4 MP.

Particularly for textile materials
Because of high heat energy while printing and the electrostatic charge of the materials the ribbon may stick with the textile tape. A separator guarantees reliable separation

Highest reliability in processes related to writing and printing RFID labels 
Three UHF RFID modules are provided as options, each optimized for a specific class of RFID labels: common RFID tags, on-metal RFID tags and mini RFID tags

Label printers for double-sided and two-color printing

It is used for printing on both sides of a material
It prints double-sided on textile materials, cardboard labels, pressed tubes, continuous or ready-for-use, as well as on continuous synthetic, paper or cardboard materials.

For two-color printing 
Two in-line arranged thermal transfer print units for simultaneous two-color printing in one label. The XC meets the conditions for the Classification and Labeling Inventory according to GHS.

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Complete solution for a wide variety of printing applications with maximum quality standards

SQUIX series bring a selection of unique features
built to survive high demand environments

They have been developed with a constant focus on easy and intuitive operation as well as high reliability. 
A powerful processor results in print jobs performed quickly and labels provided straight away.